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rv8: a high performance RISC-V to x86 binary translator

rv8 is a RISC-V simulation suite comprising a high performance x86-64 binary translator, a user mode simulator, a full system emulator, an ELF binary analysis tool and ISA metadata.

Modern C++

Presentation covering new language features and idioms in C++11.

PHP {in}security

Looks at techniques to improve security when running untrusted PHP applications.

QuikFix - A Repair-based Timetable Solver

QuikFix is a software program for solving timetabling problems that adapts repair-based heuristic search known in SAT solving to the timetabling domain.

Case Study: Overseas Family School

Looks at an enterprise class Linux and Open Source implementation.

Open Source Activity Study

Research on open source mailing list activity by country (in the English language).

Xen and KVM Virtualization

Looks at Virtualization technologies in general and in some more detail on both Xen and KVM virtualization.

Building next generation Web Applications using JSON-RPC-Java

Looks at an AJAX implementation for Java that enables Web 2.0 applications.

Introduction to the LSB (Linux Starndards Base)

Overview of the FSG/LSB Linux standardisation effort.

Practical LDAP on Linux

An overview of LDAP directory services and how to implement OpenLDAP on Linux.

Java, JAAS and JBoss Security

An introduction to Java Security, Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS) and JBoss Security.